Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In the news

Hey, I was in The Times-Picayne today!

To rise again, family home must fall

I've seen more than one blogger in the paper since Katrina. Let's hope it continues.


Gina in N'Awlins said...

Very cool! Best of luck to you!

Gina in N'Awlins

Anonymous said...

I just the thought the article "hit home" in many ways...whether someone is
considering dozing/gutting or not.
I was at my house in Lakeview this morning and it still has an eerie stillness and silence.
Then I read this and it summed up what has been pent up for so long and has
been hard to put into words. I've been saying for quite a while that I can't
wait for it to be gone...the physical structure is a painful reminder...
hopefully when it is removed I can remember happier times there. Guess I just
want the vision of what it is now to go away.
Ilene, missing home

Philip near the Bayou said...

I started to get the paper delivered again since Katrina and read your "Point of View" article about your home being flooded and having to be demolished. Although my home escaped the flood (it was built in 1834 before levees near Bayou St John) I have three friends with homes in Lakeview that also need to be demolished. Can you tell me how much it cost for such services and if they haul everything away. Thanks for your assistance and for introducing me to the blogging universe. PJC504@cox.net

Mark said...

Nice work. I wish I could get through your video, but it's always hanging in Macromedia for me on home, and I can't seem to get there through the work firewall.

I didn't get over to your neck of the woods when I was home, but need to get back Cabrini church to check on it, as it was designed by my father.

I also had friends who lived on Pratt off Filmore in high school (and I'm still trying to figure out if you live in Keith Bayard's old house, or if you have one model that was repeated through the neighborhood when it was developed).

Its hard for me to say who didn't lose a house, but I hope that this step brings you some closure and helps you to get on with your future in New Orleans.

Editor B said...

I read it on your blog first, of course, but I was struck by how it looks so very authoritative on the printed page.

They still won't deliver to my house!

Sophmom said...

Tim, I am soooo pleased that the T-P published this beautiful, moving piece! YAY! These are the stories that need to be told, circulated, shared and sent out into the world to help those who haven't seen, understand!

Aside to Markus: Keep trying to watch the video. Try on another computer. It will tear your heart.

Lady Morwen said...


What a lovely piece! It sums up much of how I feel when we go into our little place: "I want this to end".

Happily, we can raise our old home some more since it's not on a slab, and it was a fortress to Katrina's fury.

Maybe it will be a taller fortress come the 2007 storm season. Maybe we can actually have all the work done soon for this year. (I'm not holding my breath.)

Good on the T-P also for putting out our stories to the world in the old info-age way.



Tim said...

Thank you all!

Laurie said...

Good for you! It's hard to believe it's been almost 7 months and things continue to move so slowly.