Saturday, July 22, 2006

Criminal activity

I received this disturbing email from our neighborhood group list today:

This is Lisa on Fairmont Drive. I just got a call from my neighbor across the street, her house had the copper pipes stolen out of it in the last 2 days. SHe also said she can tell the neighbors' house had their new pipes taken from underneath the house. This block is pretty busy, there's trailers everywhere and these houses were still looted. I saw the TP today saying that murder rate is down since the National Guard came to NO. I haven't heard anything about the looting situation in other parts of town. Just wanted to pass the info to everyone rebuilding.

Who are these people who are stealing from those who are already down?

Stealing is a crime, but the penalty depends largely on what is stolen and how much it costs. Thus, under the law, stealing an automobile is a different violation than stealing cable television. And stealing a candy bar carries a much lower penalty than stealing millions of dollars from the company pension fund.

Stealing of this type has a special name: looting. And looters, in my humble opinion, should be shot on the spot.


GentillyGirl said...


I am with you on this one. Once our building supplies start arriving at our place, I'll shoot anyone attempting to steal parts of our home.

Ray in New Orleans said...

Heads on pikes on every streetcorner.

It's the only true deterrent.

Laurie said...

Amen. I hope the law does consider it looting and not just burglery.

dangerblond said...

I was trying to think of a suitable punishment for people who steal from and further victimize those who have lost everything in this disaster. How about: Spending eternity in an attic, up to your nose in nasty, snakey water, with no axe?

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is all a bit like hanging folks for horse theft. But have you all noticed the rather ironically named bathroom supply place located conveniently in Tylertown, MS? Luter's Supply, of course. Check out their web site: Coincidence? Hmmmm.

Sophmom said...

That's awful. I like dangerblond's idea.

Lisa said...

Thats about as low as someone can get.

Mr. Clio said...

You forgot an important prepositional phrase and an adverb:

They should be shot on the spot IN THE GROIN REPEATEDLY.

Anonymous said...

My comment is not about looters, but I feel it's equally as disturbing. When my homeowner's insurance man told me his name, I felt I could have dealt with him the same as I wanted to deal with the individual(s) who broke into the second story of my home after Katrina. His last name was Flood. Now how many of us believe that?