Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day

Tuesday is Election Day. I know this not only because the airwaves are filled with fear-mongering political ads, not only because the neutral ground is filling with brightly colored campaign signs, not only because the first Tuesday in November is traditionally an election day…

I know this because my Precious Daughter has marked it on our wall calendar.

Election Day in New Orleans

As I’m sure many schools are doing this month, and as I’m sure many of us did when we were in grade school, my Precious Daughter’s school, the International School of Louisiana, is having its own election on Tuesday.

Representative democracy is a team sport: without full participation, everyone loses. So I’m glad to see that ISL is engaging the kids in this election exercise. I know my girl is feeling very empowered by the ability to vote, to have a voice, to be the power behind government.

She is the luckiest voter I know. She’s does not have to worry about why “Dollar” Bill Jefferson had a freezer full of cash, or whether Stacey Tallitsch is a “stay the course” fool or a “cut and run” coward. She does not have to wonder if promises made will be kept, or if money and favors will take the place of platforms and principles once the voting is done.

She’s earnestly looking for someone who will represent her 5th grade class with care and dignity.

And it’s not an easy choice.

Everyone on the ballot is her friend, and everyone has personally approached her to ask for her vote.

My Precious Daughter has shared some of her deliberations with me. To maintain her privacy and honor her confidence, I will not be naming names--not even under subpoena.

I will only say that I am proud of the serious way she is approaching this election, even though ultimately I think we all know—even she knows—that it is just a game.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those who vote for real had that sort of maturity?


Anonymous said...

If most of the candidates had the maturity of fifth graders, we'd all be better off.

Zihuatanejo said...

Why are all the media sources only talking about Iraq as the deciding issue? I think the GOP kept Iraq in the debate because they believed their scare commercials would work again. The truth is that what happened back at home in this country is in a lot of ways a bigger and more important issue. Democrats need to quit letting the Republicans frame the debates and create the issues that America votes on. Lets make sure that during the next presidential race Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Coast, and New Orleans get discussed! It is good for us but it is especially good for Democrats across the country. Lets frame the Debate. And lets be honest. Last nights win was the result of inappropriate and insensitive Jokes.

During Bush’s first visit to the disaster area, he made inappropriate jokes about how he knew New Orleans during his party days all too well and joked that he hoped to visit Republican Senator Trent Lott’s new house upon hearing that his beachfront estate was destroyed. In a fateful comment, Bush told his hapless FEMA director Michael Brown on camera: “You are doing a heck of a job, Brownie.” Bush’s first visit to the area kept him away from New Orleans and isolated from angry people who would confront him. His visit to the heavily damaged city of Biloxi, Mississippi was preceded by a team that cleared rubble and corpses from the route that the president would take, leaving the rest of the city in ruin. The same day, in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bush remarked, “I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees” at a time when the media had circulated copious reports of previous warnings by scientists, journalists, and government officials concerning dangers of the levees breaching and catastrophic flooding in the city of New Orleans, much of which was dangerously below sea level.

Brown himself appeared eager to answer these questions, evidently angered at having been abandoned and “thrown to the wolves” by his former patrons in the White House.

In his testimony, Brown said that as early as 10 a.m. on August 29—four hours after the hurricane hit ground—he first learned that the levees surrounding New Orleans had been breached, and that this had caused severe flooding in parts of the city. This information came from Marty Bahamonde, a public affairs officer for FEMA and the only FEMA official in New Orleans at the time.

Brown told the Senate committee that he “put a call in and spoke to—I believe it was Deputy Chief of Staff Hagin—on at least two occasions on that day to inform him of what was going on.” He said he may also have spoken to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Since Hagin was with Bush in Texas at the time, talking to Hagin was “like speaking to the President,” Brown said. “I think I told [Hagin] that we were realizing our worst nightmare, that everything we had planned about, worried about, that FEMA, frankly, had worried about for 10 years, was coming true,” he testified.

When do think Bush is going to appologize?

All we have to do now, is take these lies and think them through.

The media did not create this. George Bush and Carl Rove did:

This should come as no surprise to anyone following his 1994 campaign for governor. Even though the crime rates had dropped during Ann Richards' tenure as governor, the Bush campaign pushed crime as a major issue. Polls showed voters becoming more concerned about crime, ranking as one of the most important issues that election where only a few months earlier, it was ranked around 10th in importance. The Bush team brought in a strategy being used in other states in which Republicans were running against women. Why? The public thinks that women are softer on crime than men (or did then, at least). Bush ads showed women being attacked and accused Richards of being weak on crime. :

Here is the whole Carl Rove Campainging Method revealed:

and Here:

Now here is a Video about Freedom :

mominem said...

I wish our candidates were as civil as the candidates in your daughters election.

Now that the big peoples election is over everyone will be nice for about 48 hours, then it starts again.

Tara said...

This blog was beyong heartwardming.