Sunday, January 28, 2007

Look, up in the sky--Tourists!

One of the exciting things about living this close to the London Avenue Canal north breach is the steady line of tourists.

A lot of folks who come to New Orleans nowadays take a guided tour of the flood-ravaged areas. They come in vans and full-sized tour buses, and their path often takes them past our government-issue Emergency Living Unit. I don’t sit outside all day counting, so I don’t know how many buses come by or how often. But on weekends I always manage to notice one or two passing by.

Today was especially exciting. Just a little while ago I heard the thunder of a hovering helicopter. It seemed to stay for quite a while so I went out to look. Actually, there were two of them! One was a Coast Guard rescue chopper. The other was red, too, but did not have any markings that I could make out.

Coast Guard copter hovers over my FEMA travel trailer.

Obviously there are some VIPs in town who needed to see the London Avenue Canal and the progress of work on the Interim Closure Structure at Lake Pontchartrain. They flew up and down the length of the outfall canal more than once and hovered long enough for me to fetch the camera and take some pics.

A helicopter inspects repairs to the London Avenue Canal in New Orleans.

Such fun it is to live here!


Debbie said...

Thank you for commenting at Right Truth. The article you read was written by Raymond S. Kraft. I have posted a few of his articles, with his permission, over the past year. It seems people either love his writing or hate it, not much in between.

I encourage differing opinions at right truth. Discussion is good and I often learn from my readers. Sometimes I even change my views, ha.

I have been very concerned about New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. One problem I have learned about is the insurance companies that did not pay up on policies. I understand there are lawsuits, and proposals for some insurance companies to settle with their customers.

It's really a sad day when things like this happen.

Please come and visit again. The weekends are lite blogging and I usually include a 'reading list' of new and different blogs for folks.

Puddinhead said...

I'm over on Mandeville, and I thought those suckers were going to land in my yard! LOL

Sophmom said...

I'm just glad to know someone's looking at it. *sigh*