Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Orleans Music

Shameless plug warning!

I just added a new link to my sidebar. A big button of a hand emerging from the flood. The hand is holding a banana, the logo many will recognize as that of Tipitina's music club.

The link is for the Tipitinia's Foundation, a non-profit organization for musicians that pre-dates Hurricane Katrina. They could use a donation if you can spare a few dollars. You can give online with a credit card, or you can send it by snail mail. Either way is fully tax deductible.

There's been a lot of noise about people who want to save the musical culture of New Orleans, but unfortunately some groups that are saying they are here to help the artists really aren't making much impact.

Tipitina's Foundation is different. They had already given away more than $200,000 of instruments to local schools prior to the wretched hurricane season of 2005. They've ramped it up considerably since then, so you can be assured that every dollar you give gets to where it's supposed to, and that every dollar has an impact on this city's music.

Click it and rebuild the music culture of New Orleans.


Laurie said...

Will do. I'll also add the link.

Bicyclemark said...

Dear Tim.. greetings from another city below sea level: Amsterdam. I just discovered your blog today as Im preparing for my first ever visit to the Gulf Coast. Ive scoured many NOLA blogs and yours has become my favorite. If you could please email me as Id like to request an interview... bicyclemark at gmail dot com.