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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Electric and acoustic

Food, bands and fun on the bayou. More details here.

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OH, I want to go!!! I haven't been to New Orleans in over a year.

By Blogger Laurie, at 5/23/2007 7:52 AM  

This isn't related to your post but I couldn't find another way to contact you. I've been reading your blog ever since I visited New Orleans last fall. I fell in love with the city (actually the entire gulf coast) and I can't stop thinking about it.

I've written an article about New Orleans and the gulf coast that I am posting in parts to my blog (clicking on my profile will lead you to it). You'll find nothing new there, other than maybe an outsider's perspective. But I want to make sure I have my info correct as far as geography and levee stuff goes. If you get a second, check it out and let me know if I've got anything wrong.

I have a decent size readership here in the western states, but I want to introduce my readers to NOLA and the deep south.

Bonneville Mariner

By Blogger Bonneville Mariner, at 6/01/2007 3:18 PM  

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