Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It really is all about the food

Tom Fitzmorris, local celebrity/restaurant critic, wrote about the joy he experienced when quintessential neighborhood eatery Mandina's reopened earlier this year. He describes his stroll through the flood-damaged area:

When I reached Canal Street on North Cortez, a streetcar rolled by. When it passed, it revealed the neon lights of Mandina's, lighting up the corner as it has for decades, as if nothing had happened.

The sight of that spread a smile across my face. I've rejoiced in the reopening of dozens of important eateries around town, but rarely did one made me feel this good.

I shared that thought with a man I didn't know who was waiting for a table to open up inside. "I live in the neighborhood," he said. "But I didn't really start working on my house until I knew for sure that Mandina's was coming back."

Tom's website is called The New Orleans Menu.


Charlotte / TM said...

I love Tom's site...he also had a e-letter that's great. Listening to him on WWL is an experience too....he has a great,dry sense of humor.

Laurie said...


James said...
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mominem said...

When I first lived in the trailer the only resident for blocks when there were few street lights and no traffic, I listened every day on the drive home through devastation every day.

At first he was one of the people on the United Broadcasters and when WSMB got back up and operating he went back to his regular thing.

His good humor and focus on the positive, to the point of refusing to talk about anything negative made it a lot easier.

I'm sorry they moved his time slot so now I only get to listen occasionally.