Friday, January 04, 2008

Best blog of 2007

It was posted on The Wet Bank Guide a week ago, the sweet story of Mark's spiritual reconnection with New Orleans.

"Next to me my wife listened and watched as Braud wiped at his eyes between singing and blowing. This Pentecost of the lost reached down and touched her as well. She told me later that in that moment she understood my earlier announcement that I wanted to, no needed to go home to New Orleans, to a city at that time more than still half underwater and in near complete ruin. She understood that my past light-hearted remarks about emigrating to American from New Orleans were not a joke but a way of saying how much I needed to be home, that home was more than just where she and I and the kids lived but a very specific and irreplaceable point on the map. She had watched me the preceding weeks glued to the television and computer, sleeping maybe five hours a night and slowly unraveling in grief, and that night in Fargo saw that grief paraded on stage.

"She told me it was then she knew that she had to let me come home."

Read it all now.

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Marco said...

Tim, he's got my vote. You are right up there too. Peace for the New Year to you and your family.