Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in New Orleans

It doesn't happen too often, so when it does it's quite an event. I had already arrived at work today when we started to hear reports of snow.

Baton Rouge, we heard, then Covington.

Suddenly one of my colleagues was putting on her coat. "What's going on?" I asked.

"I'm going outside to see the snow," she said.

I thought she might be kidding or was duped by a rumor until I looked out the window and saw it: large flat flakes floating and blowing by the window. Snow!

I took some pictures with my cell phone so the quality is limited. Still, you can see the white covering the cars in the parking lot, and the blanket of white all the way up the Mississippi River levee.

The rooftops of the houses nearby were blanketed white. Somehow, it made the aged, beaten buildings all look pretty.

Most of my coworkers made it to the office okay, but a one or two who lived on the North shore phoned in saying they couldn't make the trip. Since the office was open, they will have to use their own leave time for missing work today. I don't think anyone was complaining about that, though. It was probably a good day to take off.

By lunchtime most of the snow had already melted away. New Orleans returned to being just another cold, wet city.

Snow day 2008 in New Orleans lasted about 4 hours.

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Laurie said...

We had a LOT of snow. It was beautiful!!!