Thursday, December 22, 2005

Moved on Too Fast

Here's an interesting editorial lamenting the short attention span of the federal government and the media.

Editor & Publisher: The Press Has Moved on Too Fast
By Mark Fitzgerald, December 19, 2005

The recurring themes in all such pieces are that no one really understands how bad it is until they come here and see it in person, and that much, much more needs to be done to help.

The writer was surprised by the lack of traffic signals through most of the city. If he had been a regular reader of this blog, he would have known that before coming to town.


Laurie said...

I'm going to link to this post. People need to be reminded occasionally of how bad things still are. Now, go to Popeyes.

faeriebell said...

Thanks to Laurie I found this blog. What a good find. I'm going to link to your blog as well.

Tim said...

Thanks to you both, Laurie and faeriebell. I hope others you send here will also enjoy and learn.

Sophmom said...

Tim, I came by way of Laurie's blog. My son, a Loyola sophomore, is moving back next week. He's been back once for a visit. Glad to have found your blog!