Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rally for New Orleans

"If the Netherlands can protect its country from the ocean then surely America can protect New Orleans from a lake."

These sound like the words of an elder statesman, someone with a roomful of speechwriters to help hone the message into crisp sound bites. But these are the words of Judith Kaufman, a mother of three who fled the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to the safety of Pennsylvania.

Far from home and frustrated by the slow or non-existent response from Washington, Kaufman found a voice that is now being heard.

"The quintessential purpose of government is to protect its citizens," said Kaufman. "We are asking the federal government to protect our city with a levee system, a model for the world, so that the people of New Orleans know that when they come back and rebuild and reinvest it is not in vain."

Kaufman and neighbor Shawna Doremus, also evacuated to the Keystone State, decided to take their message, their plea, straight to Washington. Too far from New Orleans to physically help rebuild their beloved city, the two decided to organize a rally in front of the White House on Wednesday, December 14. From Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Avenue, you might say.

"We are Americans, we are taxpayers, and Judy and I both personally represent small businesses," said Doremus. "We are asking Congress to just help us help ourselves recover."

Let's hope Congress and the President are listening.

For more information visit the Rally for New Orleans web site.

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