Sunday, October 15, 2006

A pint of Chocolate City

We were at Dorignac’s yesterday to pick up a few items, and we came across this little gem.

New Orleans Ice Cream Company product.

Billed as “All Natural Super Premium Ice Cream,” we could not resist buying a pint of New Orleans Ice Cream. The label says it is made right here in New Orleans, and that would have been enough for me. But then, check out the flavors:

Ponchatoula Strawberry, Coffee & Chicory, Creole Cream Cheese, Praline Crunch and Vanilla Bean.

But the best of all was “Chocolate City.” We had to get that one!

The label describes it this way: “A politician’s faux-pas inspired this deliciously satirical chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips.”

Who can resist that?

Since Hurricane Katrina trashed the place last year, I've heard all kinds of insults and taunts from outsiders about how crazy/silly/stupid we are in New Orleans. And I resent them all.

But this one is local, and it's in good humor (so to speak), so I'm all in favor of this flavor of commentary.

We watched a DVD in the FEMA travel trailer last night and enjoyed our gourmet ice cream. Chocolate City is delicious! My Darling Wife enjoyed the rich and creamy chocolate, but I was partial to the white chocolate chips.

I wonder what Hizzoner had for desert last night?


Anonymous said...

...good humor...favor of this flavor of commentary. Great writing. :)

Sophmom said...

Yummmm... although I can't help but think chocolate chocolate chips might be even better. I admit that I don't understand white chocolate. So, it's chocolate, but with no cocoa? Huh???

Apparently Hizzoner was a patron in the restaurant where Middle Son works this past week. According to Middle Son he has a huge head. In fact, he called it "Ben Affleck huge," whatever that means.

Peace, darlin'. Thanks again for chiming in on (adding a bit of credibility to) the KnockingShitDown debate. I remain undecided. Maybe it's time for a new job?

judyb said...

sounds great! I'm going to keep my eye out for this one!

mominem said...

I gotta go to Dorignac's and get me some of that.

Anonymous said...

I also saw the stuff on sale at Langensteins, if you are uptown.

dillyberto said...

Thanks for the tip.

Ice cream is always good in balmy NO, even in the winter.

bayoustjohndavid said...

At Terranova's on Esplanade they told me it was made by the people who make cool brew, but I don't think that's correct. Anyway, you can buy both products at Terranova's or The Market right across the street--where Whole Foods used to be.

Adrian Simpson said...

Thanks for your support for our local product.
We always appreciate feedback and would welcome your opinions on the other flavors too.
Enjoy your writing....good luck.