Sunday, October 21, 2007

Show us a sign

Driving by Pontchartrain Baptist Church today, I saw this sign:

Sign outside Pontchartrain Baptist Chruch near the 17th Street Canal Breach in New Orleans.

The church is located yards from the 17th Street Canal breach site in New Orleans. Although repaired and reopened for business, the building may be demolished to make way for the permanent pump station to be built in the next few years.

A lady leaving church told me they pray for everyone--saints and sinners alike.

She did not indicate into which category they would put the Corps of Engineers.


Anonymous said...

I'm the youth pastor at PBC. The whole purpose of "God Bless The Corps" was that if they did take the building for a new pumping station, God's Will would be done for the better of the city. We praise God for what the Corps has done and what they are doing. We don't use our board for sarcasm. We meant it with full respect and a genuine request to the Father that HE truly bless the Corps.

Tim said...

"God's Will" is a convenient excuse for the failure of prayer.



Anonymous said...

Prayer never fails. Sometimes God says, "No". "No" is an answer.