Monday, September 01, 2008


If you're like me, you've suspected it for quite some time. The main stream media (msm) often don't have a clue.

But does that stop them from broadcasting?

Absolutely not.

Last night I saw a weatherman from Anywhere-but-Louisiana standing in front of a beautiful satellite montage photo of greater New Orleans. As he spoke and gestured dramatically about the likely path and power of Hurricane Gustav, the photo rotated and zoomed in that fancy Google Earth way that makes you wonder how the heck we got along without this stuff before. As the graphics were doing their thing, the weatherguy continued to talk about the potential storm surge and the threat to St. Bernard. And right smack in the middle of the graphic was "St. Bernard" with its levees all highlighted and easy to see.

Except it wasn't St. Bernard he was showing us--it was New Orleans East.

Doubtless the dramatically gesticulating dude did not know 7th Ward from 9th Ward, either, but who cares? It's just news for goodness sake.

Today, CNN was reporting breaches in the Industrial Canal. Except there were no breaches.

And later, there was a phoned-in interview with someone from the Corps' public affairs office to explain why the London Avenue Canal gates were being closed. There was discussion of the safe water elevation and the need to coordinate pumping with S&WB. During the interview CNN decided to show footage of the Industrial Canal with water to the top of the wall and waves and wind splashing and spraying over the wall. So I'd bet most of America looking at that broadcast thought they were looking at the London Canal floodwalls.

As Maitri advises, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT WATCH CNN AND FOX NEWS!" and she gives a nice link to web page that allows you to watch feeds from four local television stations all at once. Easy and accurate.

Get your news from people who know what they're reporting about.

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The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

i was watching wwl streaming and i was channel surfing on the tv. last night i came across FOX stating that 2 levees had breached in NOLA I thought what the hell much misinformation