Friday, September 12, 2008

Outlook grim as Ike approaches

That's the title of reporter's blog entry from The Galveston County Daily News at 8:00 pm Friday night:

"I hope that the staff at the National Hurricane Center and the local National Weather Service are wrong...

"...[W]e are facing the highest tidal surge since at least the 1900 Storm and possibly even exceeding that if the highest projected tidal surge materializes...

"If the surge threat is not enough, the National Weather Service is calling for 80-95 mph sustained winds with gusts to 105-mph. Hurricane force winds are expected to last for an incredible 8-10 hours on Galveston Island..."

When hurricanes lurk in the Gulf, everyone hopes it doesn't come his or her way and everyone is relieved when a hurricane misses their community.

But no matter where these monsters make landfall, no one is really happy. No one can feel glad knowing what is happening to Galveston tonight.

Our hearts are with Texas tonight.

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