Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Correction and update

It was pointed out to me by both my Mom and my Darling Wife that I can't tell the difference between a thistle and a cleome. It's the latter that I captured in the photographs below. Oh well, I guess I should stick to engineering.

That's the correction; now the update.

I've noticed that I get at least one or two hits per day here from people searching for Camellia Grill. I find it hard to imagine that when one googles Camellia Grill, probably the most famous lunch-counter eatery in this city so famous for great food, they wind up at this non-culinary blog. Well, I do on occasion blog on food, because ultimately, it's always about the food in New Orleans. But that is far from the main topic here.

Anyway, the family was in the Riverbend neighborhood on Sunday so we walked by the tall white columns of Camellia Grill to see what was up. The doors were wide open, probably to let the place air out from a fresh coat of white paint. Relaxing comfortably on a chair off to one side was a bright-eyed fellow in painter's coveralls chatting cheerfully on a cell phone. He lowered the phone and announced, unprompted, "Open soon! Come back!" I'm as much a linguist as I am a gardener, so take it for what it's worth but I would guess his accent was Italian. In fact, he said next week.

We three peeked in to see what we could. The walls were bare and newly painted or spackled. The counter is still there and looks the same. The stainless grill equipment and shelving is still there and looks the same. Several stools looked as though their seats had been ripped off and were ready to receive new cushioning. My Darling Wife and I wondered if in fact it could be ready by next week. Still looked like a lot to do to us.

But as we turned to leave, I could've sworn I caught the delicious scent of frying bacon. Open soon! Come back!


mike huete said...

From New Orleans Magazine, online:

Camellia Grill Is Saving A Seat for You…Local icon is auctioning pre-opening day seats to benefit New Orleans charities
After 19 months without Camellia Grill, New Orleanians have the chance to be part of Camellia Grill history while helping local charities.
To celebrate its official reopening, Camellia Grill will donate the proceeds from two private seatings on Friday, April 20—pre-opening—at 11AM and 1PM, to the Fundraiser for Foundation for Entertainment Development and Education, Police and Justice Foundation of New Orleans and the Audubon Zoo.
The auction winners will receive a reserved “barstool,” their favorite meal and a commemorative gift. Place your bid to win a seat, your favorite meal, and a special gift by calling Laura at 504.483.3111.
Auction winners will be able to beat the long line that should be expected as legions of devotees flock back to this New Orleans icon. Camellia Grill will re-open to the general public on Saturday, April 21 operating from 8AM- 8PM.

Anonymous said...

I have always liked the cheesecake best. Looking forward to another serving.


April said...

Just saw an article on nola.com, Camellia Grill opened today 4/20. They auctioned off spots at the counter for charity :)

Sophmom said...

Way cool. I took Middle Son and his friends there for a late dinner one night the last time I was there before the flood. I hope they got it all done in time!

No worries about the flower's name, darlin'. You just keep your pretty little head focused on what you're focused on and all the rest will take care of itself. Saw the nice quote in the MSM. Missed you at GDIII. Peace.

mominem said...

I think they have to cook a lot of bacon and other stuff to get the old original flavor back.

You can't just spray on a good coat of cooking grease.