Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Simplicity amid chaos

Today I found this picture in the online Christian Science Monitor, and I have to admit I found it moving.

The cragginess of dried sediment is what we would call "alligator cracking," because it reminds one of the random creases on alligator skin. The photo from the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, perhaps 5 miles from my house, looks remarkably just like the dried mud that I found covering my driveway and patio. It's something we who flooded all share.

And yet, standing in the middle of a city destroyed by nature, more than once I have caught myself admiring the strength, resilience and beauty of nature. Dragonflies, for instance, those colorful, delicate and amazing flyers, are abundant in my yard now. How did they survive the wind and flood? And another time, looking at my dead lawn and my wife's drowned garden, I noticed a single green plant (I don't know, it looked like a tomato plant to me), pushing up through the dull grey and brown that is death and dirt.

The good news is that we humans are also part of nature. We, too, are resilient and will rise.

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