Friday, April 07, 2006

Elevating information

Fellow blogger Seymour D. Fair has posted the silver bullet that should kill the myth that New Orleans is too far below sea level to seriously consider saving after Hurricane Katrina.

In the excellent post, If You Tell A Lie Big Enough And Keep Repeating It..., Seymour exposes the ignorance of elected officials and others who go around saying that New Orleans is more than 10 feet below sea level. Well, it ain't. So get your facts straight, Senator Bennett, or quit talking about things you know nothing about.

I encourage everyone to share this valuable information widely.

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Trouble said...


Short answer to Senator Bennett:

Most of Florida is at or slightly above sea level. Should we write off the Florida peninsula, as well? How many times has Florida gotten whacked by hurricanes in the last 100 years?

By the way, the short answer to Senator Bennett:

Salt Lake City is built on one of the most unstable fault lines in the U.S., the Uintah fault line. Furthermore, most of Salt Lake, Weber and Utah Counties were underwater for thousands of years. You can still see the shorelines of old lake Bonneville on the sides of the mountains in all three of thouse counties.

Perhaps we should write off all the populated areas of Utah since they are built in a historic floodplain and on an earthquate-prone fault line.

Feel free to distribute that information amongst the Nawlins folks. I lived for 10 years in Utah. Bennett's an idiot.