Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vagaries of government decisionmakers and whims of developers

"One guy is building 12 feet in the air because he's freaked out. The next guy is building at eight feet because that's the new flood regs. The next guy is building at four feet because he's grandfathered in [to the pre-Katrina code requirements], and the next guy is building right on the beach because he knew somebody at city hall and was able to get away with it."

Except for the beach part, you could almost imagine this is about Louisiana.

But it's not: it's coastal Mississippi.

Read the full story from The Christian Science Monitor.


Anonymous said...

Last Sunday, I took a left on 90 coming out of Venetian Isles and drove to MS. Of course, all that's built along that road is new. I couldn't help but think that it was some kind of contest to see just how high they could get these houses, and the heights were all over the place.

Nice pic! Thanks for the heads up. You wouldn't believe how my visits and comments spike when I put pics of the boys on my blog (they call it pimpin' but don't seem to mind too much;).

Liked the hot water post below too. I can't begin to imagine. Congratulations again. Your congrats to Morwen for finally heading home was particularly poignant, coming from you.

Peace, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Here you go, Tim:
License: PE.0020426
Listed Disciplines: CE
Status: ACTIVE
Expiration Date: 3/31/2009
Mr. Donald E. Jolissaint

This took one second:
Robert G. Bea is professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He has 43 years of experience as a marine coastal and offshore engineering industry consultant and research scientist. He has successfully developed and implemented more than 40 significant industry- and government-funded cooperative research programs. Mr. Bea, a former member of the NRC Marine Board, has served on numerous national and international research and advisory committees, including seven NRC committees. He is currently a member of the Committee on Human Performance, Organizational Systems and Maritime Safety and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He conducts research on human and organizational factors and on design, construction, and operation of marine structures. Mr. Bea has a B.S. degree in civil engineering and a M.S. degree in engineering from the University of Florida.

My apologies. I must have been typing his name incorrectly on my other attempts.
However, my statement stands about Kevin Wagner, the project director. And I reconfirmed that information with the ASCE.

No I am not a fancy data'miner. I am a guy who used to live in New Orleans until the first 6 Days of the Federal Flood. Then I hit the long long long road home.
Still on it.
I am tired of the Corps unrelenting use of Public Relations spokespersons and contractors to spin the situation with those levees, which they admitted in Federal court, failed due to their engineering mistakes.
So I want licenses now when they flippantly blow off seapage in front of one or more of their recent "levee repairs".
The reportage of just such seapage on that very levee before it failed August '05 was a much ballyhooed question afterwards due to the Corps obfuscation on the matter and their refusal to take responsibility for who signs-off on their projects---like the levee in St Bernard that was stuffed with newspaper.

We survived the storm, and had it not been for the Corps of Engineers you would not have spent one day in a toxic FEMA trailor and I would still be living in New Orleans.

Congratulations on your new home. Those FEMA showers are a "beach". eh?

I am not an engineer. I grew up in the Mississippi delta the son of a Ramblin Wreck, 17th in his class, from Georgia Tech. He was both a Civil and Electrical Engineer who battled the Corps of Engineers for over a decade over their MS Delta "Flood Control" projects. The water table beneath our farm dropped over 100 feet in under 20 years so we were directly adversely effected by them. I am well aware of the Corps political mechanations. Nothing is worse according to my father than a lying engineer.

Thank you for the heads-up on Jolissaint.
Editilla~New Orleans News Ladder