Friday, December 19, 2008

Made in China

The other night I showed my Precious Daughter what grown-ups do for Christmas. Well, grown-ups who are also NOLA Bloggers, that is. If you didn't know, they engage in a Christmas video war dubbed the "Hostilidays."

The idea is to post the most silly, annoying and offensive videos. So far, a whole slew of bloggers have joined in battle including Oyster, Maitri, Varg, Greg, Leigh, Loki, Adrastos, Mark, and Howie.

I had not participated in this ugly annual exchange--until now.

It just so happens that my Precious Daughter has started to learn Chinese in school. She came home today eager to tell me about how they were learning "Jingle Bells" in Chinese, and that they had seen a truly awful video of it as part of the lesson. She suggested it would be appropriate for Hostilidays and I agreed.

So here it is, "Ding Ding Dang" and all! Enjoy it (if you can).


Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh! Where to start? The plastic-covered couch? The disappearing and reappearing elf-girl? I think it must be the bizarre rhythmic aerosol spray-can. Is this part of a dance? A sort of instrument? Hmmm.


George "Loki" Williams said...


Anonymous said...

Wait! What? She's tagging the wall. Is that a good message to be sending to the children?

I started learning some mandarin with a co-worker from china back at my last job. I never did get very far, but I may give it another try.

I think its awesome they're learning Chinese in their school. There is so much unneeded American hostility towards the Chinese, because all we ever hear about is trade relations and the negative aspects of their gov't... It's good that there are programs like (some programs in chinese w/subtitles),, and stuff like that to educate us a little.

Check out "Kunming no car day" vid on I wouldn't mind having that here i nola.