Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Beauty and birth amid destruction

I know I've been blogging mostly about the destruction here. It's hard to not dwell on it since Hurricane Katrina's handiwork is all around. But life here in the sliver by the river is not too terrible.

There is fun and food, which I've tried to post about on occasion. And there is beauty, too, such as this recent sunset over the river.

I've been calling where I live in New Orleans "the sliver by the river" since that's what it really is. Just a strip a few blocks wide that follows the high ground near the Mississippi River. I didn't make up that name and I don't know who did so I can't even give proper credit to the person.

I did recently find out who wrote the The Twelve Days of Post-Katrina Christmas, which I posted here a few weeks ago. It was Trina Beck, who blogs at Trina Loves New Orleans. I've added her blog to the sidebar along with some other fun and informative bloggers from New Orleans that deserve checking out.

What we all have in common is this: our love of this city, and our determination to carry on. The destruction, the heartbreak, the anger and frustration is all there. But soaring above that is the will to live, love and laugh.

Just read a few posts from Ashley Morris, and you'll see what I mean. Here's a guy who has welded his anger with his humor, and incredibly just watched his third child come into the world amid the uncertainty and ruin of New Orleans.

And they named the baby Rey d'Orleans Morris.

Lennon and McCartney were right. Life goes on, bra!


Jen T. (that's me) said...

I only recently saw how destroyed NOLA is, and I was mindboggled. Baton Rouge is only an hour away, but it seemed like a different planet.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the visit and the comment. Will keep checking back with you for more direct info about what's continuing to happen (and not happen) there. May peace be with you this new year.

The Psychotic Patriot

ashley said...

Rey's got more (digital) ink in his first week of life than I did after my 2 week appearance on Romper Room. Thanks for the kind words.

It is a bit interesting when people's first exposure to me is by reading FYYFF. The good thing about that is I don't have to worry about offending them later, and forcing up an apology...