Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Been tagged: 5 Weird Things About Me

Okay, I've been tagged by Faeriebell to share 5 Weird Things About Me. Don't worry, this won't hurt one bit. Who is Number One?

1. I'm a 44-year-old-male who cries pretty much every time I watch an episode of "Highway to Heaven." You know that sappy Michael Landon TV show about the "angel" who roams the country helping people remember to forgive, be nice, and follow the rules of the "boss." I think it's that sad theme song played on the lone trumpet that gets me. And the kicker is, I'm not at all religious. I'm an Atheist.

2. My proudest accomplishment from my high school years is that I was president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Organization. I know a wealth of trivia about Star Trek, Space: 1999 and The Prisoner. I can recite the entire script of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and I have large parts of the other movies memorized, too.

3. I'm powerfully allergic to dogs, but not cats. I have lived with cats every day for the past 17 years, and they never cause me trouble. But if I visit the home of a dog owner, even if they put the dog outside while I'm there, within a couple hours I start wheezing, coughing and sneezing.

4. In college, I competed in the National Concrete Canoe Competition. This is for real. Civil engineering students from around the country annually build and race canoes made of Portland cement concrete. I was part of the team from the University of New Orleans. We placed 3rd overall at Nationals my senior year.

5. I rotate the silverware. When I put away the clean forks and knives, I always put them on the bottom so that silverware that has been in the drawer the longest will get used next. Yes, it's important.

So now you know. I'm supposed to "tag" five other bloggers with this obligation to post 5 weird things, but I can't do that. I don't like chain letters and chain emails. So put that down as number 6 if you want, but I'm not doing it. "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered!"


faeriebell said...

Thanks for playing along! It's good to know about the bloggers behind the blogs every now and then.

ashley said...

Thanks for not tagging me. I didn't want my fear of profanity to become public.

Polimom said...

So Tim - I gotta ask about that silverware...

Does the rotation help them live longer, happier lives? I'm wondering if maybe that's why my teaspoons seem to run away from home on a regular basis...? If I could just figure out where they go, I'd be glad to improve their environment or something, but I can't find them to ask.

Sophmom said...

Thanks for no tag. I'm wondering like Polimom. I am guessing that your silverware rotation prevents there being silver in the drawer that, having been there for a long time, is actually no longer clean?

Tim said...

Regarding the silverware, I guess it has something to do with assuring even usage, but I think it has more to do with making sure something doesn't just sit in a drawer for so long that it isn't clean anymore.