Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chocolate City

Okay, okay, the airwaves and the blogosphere are burning up with commentary about New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's recent comments.

Yes, it was a poor choice of words.

Yes, he apologized.

So like we humans always do when something unbelievable happens, first we deny it, then we get angry, then we accept it, then we satirize it and make joke after joke until you just can't stand it anymore! Like for instance, this one a friend emailed to me today:

Well I guess we deserved that one. We've been trying to sell the naming rights to the Superdome for years, and Hizzoner stepped right into that pile all on his own, if you know what I mean.

But the Mayor is a good man. He's not perfect. He misspoke and he took responsibility for the mistake he made. That's good enough for me. It's not like they caught him smoking crack cocaine or taking kickbacks like some other American mayors I could name.

Besides, I love chocolate--don't you?


dillyberto said...

What a wonderful thing it would be if FEMA and insurance would cover that make-over!

Laurie said...

Since you're a hometown boy, I'll take your word for it that Nagin's a good man. That's good enough for me.

ashley said...

Tim, you are hired as our chief negotiator with Hershey.

Make it so.

Jeremiah said...

Chocolate's fine. The real question is, do you leave the nuts in?

Anonymous said...

I was Born and raised in"Choc Awalins" and if any man no matter what race would make a statement like that one he would be given a oneway train ticket and a bus token to get him to the train station!you don't have to be a "Klan" member to wear a "HOOD" just talk like one!